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Scripture Writing Plan – Count Your Blessings

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Scripture Writing Plan – Theme: Count Your Blessings

Scriptures to help you Count Your Blessings. When times are hard, we need help to remember the good. When times are good, we need to remember where good things come from. Join us for 31 days of writing scriptures that help us to count our blessings each day.


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This month’s theme is about Counting Your Blessings.

Each day write scriptures that will help you to Count Your Blessings.

This theme will be slightly different than our other themes, only because the scriptures will not always be obvious how they fit into the theme. This theme is designed to get you thinking about applying scripture personally.

When you write the verse(s) given, think about what the context talks about. Was there something created for which you can express thanks? Is there something noted about the person in the scripture that can be noted about you or someone you know as well?

Let me give you one example. Look at 1 Chronicles 29:26-28. We are told that David reigned over Israel for 40 years. His job included a relocation – he started in Hebron, then 7 years later moved to Jerusalem. It says “he died in a ripe old age, full of days, riches and honor”. And, finally, his son, Solomon, reigned after him.

David had a lot to be thankful for! And since God saw to it that this was written about David, but for us (Rom. 15:4), each of us should be able to find something of use in the telling.

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Job security 

Have you, or someone you know, been blessed with the same job for a long time? This is becoming more rare in our current time. Retiring from the same company after 15 or 20 years is almost unheard of. Having only one job your entire lifetime, even less. David had job security. His job security was also a fulfillment of the promises of God.

Blessing #1 – thank you for the job I have.

Blessing #2 – thank you for allowing me to keep this job as long as I have

Blessing #3 – thank you for that job transfer that allowed me to grow to be the person you would have me to be as I work to do Your will

Blessing #4 – thank you God for showing me that you always keep Your promises.

Next, a long life, full of days, riches and honor.

Do you know someone who was blessed with a long life through which they also blessed others? As you’ve grown older, have you been blessed with a roof over your head, food to eat, and clothes to wear – no matter the extent? Have you been blessed with a life “full of days”? This really doesn’t mean to have a large number of days. It’s being satisfied, having enough. Have you been blessed with “enough days”? Or days that were “enough” to leave you satisfied with how you spent your time here? Isaac, David, Jehoiada, and Job are the only four men who have this “full of days” added to their epitaph. Abraham was said to have been “full of years”. All five of these men were strong servants of God. I wonder if there was any connection? Hmm.

Blessing #5 – thank you for the days I have had

Blessing #6 thank you for the opportunity to do good to others, as You will, for the remaining days that I am granted

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Finally, his son, Solomon reigned after him.

Blessing #7 – thank you Lord for my children

There may be more you can pull out of this set of verses. Maybe not all of it applies to you. But do you have a friend who is blessed with children? Thank God for them. Do you know someone longing to have children? Pray for them that they may receive this blessing, but if God says “no”, that they still find many ways to live a life “full of days”.

This is how scripture writing can become prayer journaling. Those scriptures we write and the lessons they give can be turned into an endless supply of prayers! 

So, for the next 31 days, spend each day learning from scripture how to Count Your Blessings. You will be enriched by the end, I am confident. 


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Cornelia Pickens

Your scripture writing plans have been a God sent as I study the Word. Theme wise, it is helping me to connect scriptures easily. Thank You