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Scripture Writing Plan – Theme: Sound Words

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Scripture Writing Plan  – Theme: Sound Words

Sound Words - August Scripture Writing is all about choosing our words carefully. Join us as we learn from the Creator of language the best way to use our words.

This month’s theme is about Sound Words.

Each day we will write scriptures about having Sound Words. The scriptures are FULL of teaching about how important it is that we obey the truth and that we speak only beneficial words. 

So, for the next 31 days, spend each day writing scriptures about Sound Words. Find knowledge about what sound words are. Learn the kind of language that defines a Christian and sets them apart from the world.


Please share your scripture writing on social media. You never know who you could encourage by sharing the work you are doing to grow in God’s word!

You can share in the Women Walking in Diligence Group, on Facebook, Instagram – wherever you “hang out”. Use the hashtag #DWScriptureWriting or #ScriptureWritingClub so we can search and find what you have shared. 

Wouldn’t it be fun to see God’s word all over the internet this way? 


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Shelia Morris

Thank You for these scriptures. I am becoming more aware of how my words are affecting my life and my family, friends,and all the people around me. Words that can heal and show love or words that can kill and destroy the mind, heart,and soul.People have to be made aware of how their words can influence others. More than ever in today’s society. Keep up the good work You are doing. It is doing more than You could possibly know. Shelia Morris


something visceral when writing down truth – from head to heart to life. Pinned! (lovely site!)

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I am impressed with your work and skill. Thank you so much.

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