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This month’s scripture writing theme is about Diligence

Every year we begin the year by writing scriptures about Diligence.

What is diligence?

What does it mean to be diligent?

Dictionary.com defines “diligent” as “constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything”.

The Hebrew word shanan is defined by Strong’s as “to point; intensively, to pierce; figuratively, to inculcate: – prick, sharpen, teach diligently, whet”. This word is translated “teach them diligently” in Deut. 6:7

The Hebrew word shamar is defined by Stong’s as “to keep, have charge of; to keep, guard, keep watch and ward, protect”. It is translated “diligently” in Deut. 6:17.

The Greek word ekzeteo, translated “diligently” in Heb. 11:6 is defined as “to seek out, to search for”.

The Greek word spoudazo  translated “diligence” in 2 Pet.1:10 is defined as “to use speed, i.e., to make effort, be prompt or earnest.”

Are you seeing a pattern?

Our one English word – diligent – encompasses all of these ideas. For me, “diligence” is to make consistent, attentive effort so that I may be always ready for whatever task is mine, like a properly cared for knife.

“Due diligence” is applying the required effort to do a thing well or to meet the given expectations. Legally, due diligence is the effort to thoroughly know all that is required and make that same effort in regards to something. Again, this concept is seen in all the different Hebrew and Greek words (and I didn’t reference all that are used in scripture) and translated “diligent”, “diligence”, “diligently”, etc.

It’s a word that reminds us that life is not meant to be lived by accident. We are meant to be intentional in every aspect of our lives. Ultimately, it is about being intentional about our service to God, because that is the purpose for which we were created (Eccl. 12:13).

But HOW do we do this? WHAT does it look like?

Each year, we take the first 31 days to study Diligence through Scripture Writing to figure out those very things.

If you want to know what diligence God requires of you – the due diligence, or “diligence due” – the scriptures are FULL of examples, clear statements, and references that teach the attitudes that develop diligence.

This is a big word for me. It is why this blog is called The Diligent Woman. Not because I have achieved being THE Diligent Woman, but because I want to be daily working, to be diligent, about being God’s woman.

I want to be a ready knife as opposed to a rusty one.

I want to be intentional about the choices I make so I can have the confidence God tells me to have in Him (Heb. 4:16).

I want to limit my regrets. Time is short. There is much to do. I cannot waste my time being tossed to and fro because of a lack of knowledge or intention. 

Sharing these scriptures with you is to help us to help each other by working on these things together.  

Are you ready to join me in applying due diligence to daily Bible reading time?

Grab this month’s plan and let us grow in Diligence together!

So, for the next 31 days, spend each day learning from scripture about Diligence.

Click Here to sign up to get your FREE Diligence Scripture Writing Plan 


PS – Please share your scripture writing on social media. You never know who you could encourage by sharing the work you are doing to grow in God’s word!

You can share on Gab, Facebook, Instagram – wherever you “hang out”. Use the hashtag #DWScriptureWriting, #Diligence, or #ScriptureWritingClub so we can search and find what you have shared. 

Wouldn’t it be fun to see God’s word all over the internet this way? 

Looking to dive deeper into prayer?

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Aminata Coote

Who knew the Bible had so much to say about diligence? It’s obvious that God wants us to be faithful.

Elaine Goddard

I love writing out scripture and giving myself that space to hear new insights from the Holy Spirit. I have always written through chapters or sections of scripture, I have never thought of writing out scriptures based on a subject. Thank you for sharing, this has given me a new idea for listening and learning about the word God has given me for 2019 – Trust.

Julie Pfeifer

I’ve found scripture writing to be one of the ways I connect closest with the Holy Spirit! This is wonderful. Thank you!

Amanda Hartrich

What a great theme for this month . . .perfect way to start the year! I’m downloading now. Thank you!

Julie Pfeifer

I’ve downloaded mine and am excited to get started!

Aimee Imbeau

Diligence – a skill that is good for all of us to improve on. I really appreciate how you define the word biblically. I love looking up words in Strong’s Concordance. It gives such a richer meaning to the verse/passage.

Sarah Geringer

Excellent collection of Scriptures here! Pinning your list.