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Scripture Writing Plan – Theme: Wisdom from Proverbs

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This month’s scripture writing theme is about Wisdom


Scriptures about Wisdom from Proverbs – seems pretty obvious, right?

After all, Proverbs IS about gaining wisdom (Prov. 1:1-7).

What is interesting is how much there is about Wisdom in Proverbs. Not just random wise sayings, though there are those. In some cases there are WHOLE chapters of Proverbs about Wisdom. Just about Wisdom.

The benefit of applying this focus on this topic in this book is to get a very CLEAR view of what Wisdom, true wisdom, looks like, and why we need it.

The world will offer “wisdom” from many places. Religious thinkers use a lot of paper in commentaries to share their wisdom about God’s wisdom. But when it comes right down to it, there is only ONE source for True Wisdom, and that’s from God Himself. It is what He has provided in Scripture for our understanding.

Learning about Wisdom in this way builds faith because it validates the confidence we should put into God and His promises. 

When we see the protection that is found when we are walking by His wisdom, it makes it so much easier to choose His path of righteousness for our lives. The knowledge motivates us.

 When God expresses that Wisdom is like a woman calling out to us, trying desperately to get our attention, for our own good – it drives home how vital and loving His wisdom is for us.


Wisdom that makes all the difference

We always need to be careful that we are listening to God and not listening to ourselves or other men.

We can think we are acting wisely because we chose something someone we thought to be wise said was a good thing. But when we match that choice up against God’s word, we may find that we weren’t wise enough to recognize false wisdom from true. That’s scary!

Writing scripture and reading scripture regularly is the only way to be certain that we are following a Wisdom that benefits us – now and ultimately for eternity.


This is only the beginning

This writing plan of scriptures about Wisdom doesn’t even make it halfway through the book of Proverbs. There are that many verses in this one book on the topic! We could create a second plan to cover the rest – which would mean in one book there are TWO MONTHS worth of teaching about God’s Wisdom. Not just wisdom from God, like everything else in scripture. Material that exists to teach you about His Wisdom, how it works, how long it has existed, what it is part of, how it benefits us, how it deals with the evildoer, and on and on. 

I hope that you will find this scripture writing about Wisdom encouraging.

I hope that you will find it humbling.

I hope that you will find it inspiring.

God’s word is meant to do all those things for you. His Wisdom is meant to lift you up so you are protected when the waves of the world are all around you. So, if you would, join me for the next 31 days in writing out these powerful scriptures from the book of Proverbs about Wisdom.




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I encourage you to go beyond just writing the verses too. 

The writing of the scriptures alone will give you a deeper understanding than just reading them. Meditating on those scriptures through the day AND praying that God help you see how to apply them in your life will take you even deeper.




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