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5-Day Prayer Challenge – New Year Edition

Setting up the New Year for Peace

Have you heard about the 5-Day Prayer Challenge?

In August 2017, I tried something new. I offered a prayer challenge for my followers on Facebook and through email. (Want to watch the replays of those Facebook Lives? Click here for August (five videos) and here for November (six videos))

You see, I was struggling to pray every day.

I was struggling with being confident about talking to God.

Can you relate?

I knew the only way I was going to do any better was by studying what God said about prayer in the Bible.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that prayer is not meant to be difficult or complicated. We are told to be confident. We are told that God longs to hear from us. He wants us to WANT to bring things to Him because of our trust in Him.

After hearing from quite a few of my followers, I learned that I was not alone in these struggles. Other women wanted to learn how to do better about praying every day. They wanted to learn what they should say. They wanted to learn how they could be confident that God WAS hearing them.

The Prayer Challenge

So entered the 5-Day Prayer Challenge.

The benefits of the 5-Day Prayer Challenge are:

  • learning how the Bible teaches us to pray
  • discovering when and where you can pray
  • being sure of what you can pray for
  • gaining confidence that God hears our prayers
  • understanding how to use scripture to speak words God will hear
  • finding out how to avoid saying the same prayers over and over
  • and being encouraged by others who participate and grow in the challenge along with you

Now, a new year is here and it is time for a fresh start.

Setting the tone for the year to come

This New Year Prayer Challenge also comes with some specific goals in mind.

As a woman, you have many different roles to fill. Single or married, people count on you. You have responsibilities. Sometimes, it can seem like a struggle to get things done.

The New Year prayer challenge allows you to focus on praying for YOU. OK, and not just you.

This challenge will take you through scripture and show how each role you fill, you were designed to fill it because God said so. If He gave you the job to do, He knows you are capable of doing it!

Proverbs 31 is an excellent resource for prayer as a woman. It gives you things to pray about your marriage, your relationships with others, the people you meet, ways you earn money to support your family, as well as things to pray for about yourself.

This 5-Day challenge will take what you know about prayer and apply it to all the things you do every day that make you the woman of valor in the lives of those around you.

This challenge will build your confidence in how God sees you – which will improve how you see yourself. You will come away better equipped to face each day and what it needs from you.

A time of refreshing is here

I am opening the doors to the New Year 5-Day Prayer Challenge to everyone!

The challenge will run beginning February 8th through February 12th. 

So, here is how it works:

  • You sign up for the challenge here – New Year 5-Day Prayer Challenge
  • Each day of the challenge, you will receive an email that contains that day’s lesson, challenge, and some encouragement too. ūüôā 
  • Tools to help you accomplish the challenge will also be available each day

Anyone can sign up to participate.

You will be joined by hundreds of other women who want to find their zeal for prayer again; who want to be confident about the woman they are striving to be; and who want to get rid of the things that make it easy to skip praying each day.

Well, are you ready to join us?

Don’t wait too long, the doors close at midnight on Friday, February 5th!
Click here – Join the New Year 5-Day Prayer Challenge Today


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Missed this but sounds great!


For years I have struggled with praying and so often my prayers became more about me but in the last few years they have changed. The closer I came to our Lord the more I prayed. This past year I have seen God working in my prayer life like never before and I am so grateful.