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Lesson: Give it to God

Give it to God

5-Day Prayer Challenge

Holiday Edition

Day Two Challenge

Welcome to Day Two!

Are you ready to spend a little time focusing on prayer?

You can download a PDF of the Basic Prayer Worksheet here: Basic Prayer Worksheet

Did you know there are four different types of prayer? 

Four different types of prayer that God WANTS to hear from you. That alone should tell us to pray with confidence.

In 1 Timothy 2:1 it says, “First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men.”

Those four types of prayer cover all the different ways we can take trouble to God – for ourselves and for others.

Entreaties – some versions say “supplications”. This is any kind of request. (Asking. Mt. 7:7)

Prayers – These are general prayers and would include prayers of praise. A prayer is making a request, a plea, to someone who is worthy of the asking. When we pray to God, we acknowledge that He is the One to whom our requests should be made.

Petitions – some versions say “intercessions”. Often, these are requests on made for someone else. (For example, the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us, Rom. 8:26).

Thanksgivings – This one is more obvious. These are prayers that express our gratitude to God. Phil. 4:6 says, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Paul uses all of the prayer options in teaching us how to deal with our anxiety!

Remembering that He wants to hear from people who know Him (Acts 17:24-28). That’s a biggie too. Why would He listen to requests from someone who cares nothing about being pleasing to God most of the time? We as parents understand this, I think. Ungrateful children will not get their desires met as readily as grateful children will.


Today’s challenge is to meet God right where you are, right now, today.

Is your challenge today being too wrapped up in places to go, shopping to do, meals to plan, etc.?

Or maybe too focused on where you can’t go, what’s not available this year at the stores, and who all is NOT coming to dinner? Don’t let the circumstances in the world take away your peace.

Remember Martha and Mary – those things may need to be done, but don’t forget the most important things in the process. Time with God, studying His word, and focusing on those who need you – those are the important things. Pray to God for help to keep your priorities right.

Is your challenge to keep from spending money you do not have on gifts or entertaining? We are to be good stewards. As was mentioned yesterday, NONE of this MUST be done. The days can be celebrated without fancy wrapping paper, piles of gifts, and all-you-can-eat dinners.

Is your challenge to keep in mind people’s spiritual needs over their physical needs? Yes, people need food and shelter. But above all, they need the salvation God offers to them. Every person you meet is a soul that needs Jesus. Don’t let the holidays push aside opportunities that come your way to spread the best gift ever given.

Whatever your challenge today – give it to God. Stop holding on to the hurt. Allow God to carry your grief for you. Give Him your fears about what will happen over the next few months. Allow Him to work on your heart through His word.

So, write a prayer that deals with your challenge(s) right now.

Give them to God. Jesus says to give up the yoke you carry and take His yoke
instead (Mt. 11:28-30). God already knows your needs and your weakness.

Speak it, write it, pray it to Him and get rid of it.

Freeing your mind from these burdens only opens you up to do more for the
Lord and for those around you.



To study this further by getting all five days of the challenge plus lots of extras, get the 5-Day Prayer Challenge – Surviving the Holidays with Grace study guide

How to Survive the Holidays with Grace


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