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Isaac and Rebekah have Twins – Making it Simple – Lesson Eleven

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Making it Simple

Lesson 11

Isaac and Rebekah have Twins
Verses 1-6 Abraham marries again.  A woman named Keturah.  She bears him 6 sons.  Abraham gives all that he has to Isaac.  Abraham does give gifts to his other sons, but he sends them away to the east, away from Isaac.
Verses 7-11 Abraham dies at age 175.  His sons Ishmael and Isaac bury him with Sarah. 
Verses 12-18 Ishmael’s family.  Again, God keeps His promises.  Ishmael has 12 sons who will become great nations. (Genesis 21:17-21)
Verses 19-20 Isaac marries Rebekah when he is 40 years old.
Verse 21 Isaac pleads with God because Rebekah is barren.  The Lord granted Isaac’s request and Rebekah became pregnant.
Verses 22-26 The children in her womb struggle together.  Rebekah is concerned that something might be wrong, so she goes to inquire of God about it.  The Lord tells her that two nations are in her womb.  One of these nations will be stronger than the other.  And the older child shall serve the younger child. 
                      She gives birth and she has twins.  The first boy comes out red and is hairy all over, so they name him Esau (which means “Hairy”).  The second boy comes out, and he grabs Esau’s heel in the process.  They name this boy Jacob (which means “Supplanter” or “Deceitful”).  Isaac is 60 years old when the boys are born.
Verses 27-28 The boys grow up.  Esau becomes a skilled hunter and Jacob stays close to home, living in tents.  Isaac loved Esau because of the game Esau brought in, and Rebekah loved Jacob.
Verses 29-34 Jacob cooks a stew one day, and Esau comes in from the field and is very tired.  Esau asks Jacob for some of the red stew because he is weary.  (Esau is called Edom also, which means “Red”.)  Jacob says he will give Esau some food, if Esau will sell Jacob his birthright.  Esau says “Look, I am about to die; so what is this birthright to me?”  So Esau swears to Jacob and sells Jacob the birthright.  So Jacob gave Esau some bread and some stew with lentils. Esau ate and drank and then went on his way.  This showed how little Esau appreciated the birthright.
In Your Bible –
Hebrews 12:12-17, 28 Our inheritance
Matthew 16:26;Mark 8:36-37; Luke 9:25 How valuable is your inheritance to you?



Image can found at: https://www.lds.org/bc/content/shared/content/images/gospel-library/manual/31118/31118_000_012_02.jpg


Note: Links to outside sources and those of pictures or clip art do not mean I am in agreement with any or all of the information given there.  I am simply attempting to give credit for the work of others that I have borrowed.



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