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Jacob Deceives His Father – Making it Simple – Lesson Twelve

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Making it Simple

Lesson 12

Jacob Deceives His Father
Genesis 26-28:9
Verses 1-5 -There is a famine in the land.  God tells Isaac NOT to go to Egypt.  God promises to be with Isaac and to bless him.  He also tells Isaac again of the oath that He made with Abraham.  God tells Isaac that He intends to keep this promise because Abraham was obedient to Him.
Verses 6-11 -Isaac lives in Gerar (Same place Abraham went to).  The men of the place ask Isaac about his wife.  Isaac tells them that Rebekah is his sister, because he is afraid the men might kill him to have her because Rebekah is beautiful.  Remember how Abraham and Sarah did the same thing (Genesis 20:1-7)?  Abimelech the king (the same king who wanted Sarah) looked out his window and saw Isaac caressing Rebekah.  Abimelech asks Isaac why he would put her at risk like that, and why he would bring guilt upon the Philistines.  Abimelech then gives the order for no one to bother Rebekah.
Verses 12-17 Isaac grows so prosperous that the Philistines ask him to leave.  So he moves into the valley so he won’t be a problem.
Verses 18-33 Isaac runs into trouble over digging wells.  He keeps moving until he reaches a place where the Philistines won’t bother him about the wells.  God appears to Isaac here and tells Isaac that God will be with him and bless him and multiply his descendants because of Abraham.  Abimelech comes and makes a covenant with Isaac.  They both agree that their peoples will not hurt one another.
Verses 34-35 A note is made about Esau getting married at age 40. He marries two women from the country who are Hittites.  The bible notes that these women brought grief to Isaac and Rebekah.
Chapter 27 & 28:1-9
Verses 1-4 Isaac is now old and he is blind.  He calls Esau to him.  He tells Esau to go hunt some game and prepare it for Isaac the way Isaac likes it.  Then after he’s eaten it he will give Esau the blessing.
Verses 5-17 Rebekah overhears this conversation.  When Esau is gone, she goes to Jacob and tells him what is going on. She tells Jacob to go get some goats from the flock so she can fix the dish the way Isaac likes.  Then she tells Jacob that he will take it to Isaac so that Isaac will bless Jacob instead of Esau.  Jacob is concerned that his father will be able to tell that he’s not Esau and then will curse him.  Rebekah tells him not to worry and she goes to get some of Esau’s clothes to put on to Jacob. She also takes the skins from the goats and puts these on Jacob so he will be hairy.  She then gives him the prepared food and sends him to Isaac.
Verses 18-29 Jacob goes into Isaac and says, “Here I am father”.  Isaac says, “Who are you?”  Jacob says that he is Esau and that he has done all that his father has asked of him.  Isaac wants to know how the meal was prepared so quickly.  Jacob’s lie in response is “Because the Lord your God caused it to happen to me.”  Isaac is still suspicious, so he asks Jacob to come closer so he can feel him to see if it is Esau.  Isaac comments that the voice is Jacob’s but everything else seems like Esau.  He decides that it is Esau so he blesses him.  Again he asks, “Are you really my son Esau? And again Jacob answers “Yes”.  He tells Jacob to bring the food and Jacob leans in to kiss his father.  Isaac smells him and Jacob smells like Esau’s clothes and the goats.  So Isaac gives the blessing that should have gone to the older son.
Verses 30-40 Esau returns and does all the things his father asked of him.  But when he takes the food to Isaac they realize what Jacob has done.  Esau begs to be blessed also.  He is so upset he weeps about it.  Isaac then gives Esau a blessing or prophecy.
Verses 41-45 Esau bears a grudge against Jacob for the loss of his birthright and his blessing.  Esau seeks an opportunity to kill Jacob.  Rebekah finds out about it and warns Jacob.  She sends Jacob to her brother Laban in Haran.  She promises to send for Jacob when Esau’s anger has begun to die down.
Verse 46- 28:5 Rebekah goes to Isaac and says that Esau’s wives are trouble to her.  She doesn’t want Jacob to choose wives from the land.  So Isaac sends Jacob back to Laban.
Verses 6-9 Esau notices that Isaac tells Jacob to not take a wife from Canaan.  He sees that Jacob was blessed and that he obeyed his parents in going to their Uncle Laban.  Esau realizes that his wives displease his father.  Esau goes to Ishmael, his half-uncle, and chooses wives from Ishmael’s family.



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