The Good News

Jesus and Nicodemus/Jesus Baptizes in Judea/ John’s Second Testimony: The Good News: Lesson 14

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Location: Jerusalem

The Good News

Lesson Fourteen

Jesus and Nicodemus

John 3:1-21

1.   Who was Nicodemus? (verse 1)
2.   What did he say to Jesus? (verse 2)
3.   What did Jesus say? (verse 3)
4.   What did Nicodemus think Jesus meant? (verse 4)
5.   Write verses 5 and 6 here.
6.   Who did Jesus say He is in verse 13?
7.   What did Jesus mean by “even so must the Son of Man be lifted up.”?
8.   What happens to “he who does not believe” in verse 18?

Location: Judea

Jesus Baptizes in Judea

John 3:22

9.   What was Jesus doing in Judea?

Location: Aenon

Near Salim

John’s Second Testimony

John 3:23-36

10.What was John doing in Aenon?
11.Why was he doing this in that place?
12.Fill in the blanks.
“… and people were coming and were ________ ___________.” Verse 23
13.What were John’s disciples upset about in verse 26?
14.What did John remind them that he had said? (verse 28)
15.In verse 33 what does he who has received Jesus’ testimony certify?
16.He who believes in the ________ has ____________ life; and he who does believe the Son shall not _________ _________, but the ___________ of God _________ in him.” (Verse 36)


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