The Good News

Jesus Goes to Capernaum/Disciples Called: The Good News: Lesson 18

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Location: Capernaum

The Good News

Lesson Eighteen

Jesus Goes to Capernaum

Matthew 4:13-17
Luke 4:31
1.     Where did Jesus go to live? (Mt. 4:13)
2.     This fulfilled a __________ made be ___________. (Mt. 4:14)
3.     What was Jesus spending His time doing? (Lk. 4:31)
4.     What was He preaching now? (Mt. 4:17)

Location: Sea of Galilee


Disciples Called

Mt. 4:18-22
Mk. 1:16-20
Lk. 5:1-11
5.     Walking by the __________ of ________, Jesus saw _________ and ___________ casting a net into the sea. (Mt. 4:18; Mk. 1:16)
6.     What job did He say He’d give to them? (Mt. 4:19; Mk. 1:17)
7.     Did they wait awhile to go with Jesus? (Mt. 4:20; Mk. 1:18;)
8.     Three more fishermen were in a boat mending nets.  Who were they? (Mt. 4:21; Mk. 1:19;
9.     Did they wait to follow? (Mt. 4:22; Mk. 1:20; Lk. 5:11)
10.   Read Luke 5:1-11. What is different about this story compared to Matthew’s and Mark’s telling?
11.   Put these events in chronological order.
_______ Jesus walks around the lake teaching.
_______ Jesus tells Peter and Andrew to be fishers of men.
_______ Jesus gets into Simon/Peter’s boat.
_______ The net comes up so full it is breaking.
_______ James and John come to help.
_______ They all four immediately leave what they are doing to follow Jesus.
_______ Jesus tells Simon to try fishing again.
______ Jesus tells John and James of Zebedee to be fishers of men.
NOTE: See how one story can fill in the blanks of another.  This does not mean that either telling is untrue.

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