The Good News

John is Born – The Good News – Lesson Three

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The Good News

Location: City of Judah;


 Hill Country


Lesson Three

Mary Visits Elizabeth and John is Born.

Read: Luke 1:39-80

1. TRUE or FALSE Mary went to the hill country of Judah to visit Elizabetha long time after the angel appeared to Mary.
2. What happened when Elizabeth heard Mary’s voice?
3. In verse 44, who did Elizabeth say the baby in Mary’s womb was?
4. What did Elizabeth say that Mary had done, in verse 45?
5. Fill in the blanks.
    “And His ________ is on those who ________ Him from generation to generation.”  Luke 1:50
6. Use a concordance to find the prophecy in the Old Testament that Mary refers to in Luke 1:50 and 53.
7. How long did Mary stay with Elizabeth?
8. After Elizabeth gives birth to her son, what does the family want to give to him?
9. How did Zacharias tell them what the name would be?
10. What happened to Zacharias after he did this?
11. How did this story make the people who heard it feel? (v. 65)
12. Fill in the blanks.
    “And you, child, will be called the _________   of the ____________; For you will ______ before    the _________ of the _________ to ___________ His ways.”  Luke 1:76
13. Use a concordance to find the Old Testament     prophecy Zacharias mentions in Luke 1:76 and 79.
14. Where did John grow up?
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