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Lesson 22

The Woman in Proverbs 31 and the Widow in 1 Timothy 5

The Woman of Proverbs 31 and the Widow in 1 Timothy 5 have something to teach EVERY woman. Not just married women. Not just women with children. How is that, do you wonder? Because these women BEGAN as single women and BECAME the women given to us in these scriptures. Never underestimate the value of having something for which to STRIVE!
So, what CAN you learn for the here and now?  The main thing is to realize that these two women didn’t happen overnight! They didn’t say “I do” and become good housekeepers, loving wives, and caretakers of the needy and sick. They were these things, to one degree or another, BEFORE they were “married women”. 
There are some things that you just can’t do until you are older and married: being a mother and being a wife are the two obvious ones.  
In your youth you can be a helper of the needy – you just need to look for opportunities. You need to ASK what you can do, where you are needed. Begin by LEARNING how to teach a Bible class. You certainly can’t teach one until you have learned how! 
Study your Bible to increase your knowledge so that you already have some when it comes time to learn how to share it with others. 
Learn to cook. You can’t get meals to people who are ill if you can’t make the meal. 
Start at the beginning and don’t begrudge the journey! The character of these women built reputations that people could count on.  You CAN do the same. 
All you need do is put your focus on WORKING for the Lord, as these women did.  Do that and you WILL be a fruitful “worker for the Lord”!
If you already have these skills – pass them on! Use your skills and experience to raise up a generation behind you with the same skills and knowledge.

Being older does not mean you no longer have work to do. You have a freedom of time that young mothers often do not. Fill your quiet hours doing something for someone else.

Take the examples of these women and see what it takes to be considered a “worker” in God’s eyes – and then put yourself to the work that you can do.


Click here to download a PDF of Lesson 22 – The Woman of Proverbs 31 and the Widow in 1 Timothy 5.


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