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Miracles in Capernaum/Jesus Teaches in Galilee: The Good News: Lesson 21

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Location: Capernaum

The Good News

Lesson Twenty – One

Miracles in Capernaum

Mt. 8:14-17
Mk. 1:21-34
Lk. 4:31-41
1. What did Jesus do on the Sabbath? (Mk. 1:21)
2. How did the people react to His teaching?
What did they think of Him? (Mk.1:22; Lk.4:32)
3. What did a demon say about Jesus? (Mk. 1:23-24; Lk. 4:33-34)
In Luke 4:41 what does it say the demons knew?
4. After Jesus rebukes the demon, what did the people say to each other?  (Mk. 1:27; Lk. 4:36)
5. What is the result of this happening? (Mk. 1:28; Lk. 4:37)
6. Who does Jesus heal in Matthew 8:14-15, Mark 1:29-31, and Luke 4:38-39?
7. Find the prophecy referred to in Matthew 8:17. (Hint: it is in Isaiah)

Location: Galilee

Jesus Teaches in Galilee

Matthew 4:23-25
Mark 1:35-39
Luke 4:42-44
8. What circumstances did Jesus choose for praying? (Mk. 1:35; Lk. 4:42)
9. Why did Jesus say He came? (Mk. 1:38; Lk. 4:43)
(Compare to Lesson 20 #4)
10. Where did He begin His preaching in the cities? (Mk. 1:39; Lk. 4:44; Mt. 4:23)
11. What shows us that Jesus’ powers were real? (Mt. 4:24-25)

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