The Good News

Prophecies – The Good News – Lesson Two

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The Good News

Location: Jerusalem


Lesson Two

Prophecies of Things to Come

Read: Luke 1:1-38

Matthew 1:18-25

1. Had many people written about these things?
2. Who handed them down to Luke and others?
3. Who did Luke write this account for?
4. What did Luke want Theophilus to know?
1. Look up when Herod was king of Judea.
2. Who were Zacharias and Elizabeth?
3. Were Zacharias and Elizabeth godly people or evil people?
4. Were they young or old?          Did they have a family?
5. Where was Zacharias when an angel appeared to him? (Look in Lk. 1:8-11)
6. What did the angel tell Zacharias?
7. What would they call the baby?
8. What will the boy grow up to do?
9. Did Zacharias believe the angel?
10. What was the angel’s name?
11. What happened to Zacharias because he did not believe the angel’s words?
12. What happened to Elizabethin the days after Zacharias went home from his work at the temple?
13. Was Elizabethhappy or sad about this?
1. Who did God send to Nazareth in Galilee?
2. Who did he go to see?
3. How did he greet her?
4. What did he tell her would happen to her?
5. What would this boy be called?
6. What would he grow up to do?
7. How long would His kingdom last?
8. What did Gabriel tell Mary about Elizabeth?
9. Write Luke 1:37 here.
10. Did Mary believe the angel?
1. What did the angel of the Lord tell Joseph in his dream?
2. What will the boy be named?
3. Did this fulfill a prophecy made in the Old Testament?  (Read Isaiah 7:14)
4. Did Joseph obey the angel of the Lord?
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