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Some notes on Song of Solomon

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I do not know if these actually qualify as “notes”.  I’ve just gone through the book of Song of Solomon and put next to most verses what I understand the verse to be saying in plain language.  I’ve typed out the book with the editor added verses and headings removed.  I did separate the speeches where I heard them to fall most naturally.

The file is a download Word .doc – if I try to paste the format on the site, the formatting goes crazy.  This way, hopefully, anyone who downloads it can see it without spacing being messed up.

My Notes on Song of Solomon


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Beth Johnson

Angie, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if the only attachment was the Blue Letter Bible page. I could not find the notes and tried more than once.


I finally had time to come back and download the file. I wanted to reblog this, but found no link to do it.