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Song of Solomon

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From The Diligent Woman Facebook page earlier this evening:

Song of Solomon can be a book that we shy away from – it seems too mysterious, too blatant, too not quite spiritual. I would encourage anyone interested in trying to understand it, to RETYPE it (it’s only 8 chapters/117 verses) WITHOUT the headings in your version of the Bible. These headings were added by the various editors and are NOT God-breathed. 

I spent two hours last night typing it out, in script/play format – without chapter or verse numbers, without the headings – and it just amazes me how easily it reads.

I’ve been raised loving this book. There were no “birds and bees” conversations with my parents – my mom taught me Song of Solomon and the women of the Bible every summer. Do that and who needs the birds and the bees?! It becomes pretty obvious that to “know” or “lay” with someone not your spouse is BAD trouble, and to “know” or “lay” with your rightful spouse is GOOD. No details needed! LOL

Song of Solomon taught me that a Shepherd who knows me, has much in common with me, and cares for ONLY me was better than a King any day; much less one with 60 queens and 80 concubines (at the writing of the book – remember Solomon ended up with 1000 women)!

It taught me that love is serious and needs to be considered and weighed in the balance – it’s NOT just about how you FEEL in the moment.

The beauty of the book is that I can talk about it in simple, generic terms with my pre-teens. All of our girls have heard me refer to their Dad as “MY Shepherd” and they’ve heard both of us say “My Beloved is Mine”. I can use it to talk candidly with my older girls about dating, and if they want to, when they are adults and preparing for marriage we can use it again to talk about more personal things.

This is NOT a book to shy away from – to me, it should be used as the parables – not reading too little or too much into it.

Just READ it – out loud helps too (just like any other poetry, at least for me  ) – but READ it. Don’t dismiss it, don’t think it unimportant. It’s God’s Word and He’s told us to understand (Eph. 5:17).


Sharing is caring!

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