The Good News

The Good News – Lesson Five

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Location: Jerusalem


Lesson Five

Jesus’ Early Days

Read: Luke 2:8-21 and Matthew 1:25

Luke 2:8-20
1. Where were the shepherds living?
2. Who came to stand before them? 
3. What did the angel tell the shepherds? 
4. Who had been born that very day? 
5. What would be a sign to the shepherds? 
6. What is a manger? 
7. Did more angels appear with this one? 
8. What did the shepherds decide to do? 
9. True or False. The shepherds took their time going to Bethlehem. 
10. Did the shepherds keep this to themselves, or did they share it? 
11. How did those who heard about it react? 
12. What did Mary do? 
13. Did these things make the shepherds happy? 
Matthew 1:25 and Luke 2:21
14. What did they name the baby?  

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