The Good News

The Good News – Lesson Four

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Location: Bethlehem

Lesson Four

Jesus’ Family Tree

Read Matthew 1:1-17

Luke 3:23-38

 1. How many total generations were there from Abraham to Christ, according to Matthew 1:17 



 2. Can you see one big difference between Matthew and Luke’s lists?          If so, what is it?


 3. What person does Matthew begin with?

 4. What person does Luke go back to at the end of his list?


The Christ’s Birth

Read Luke 2:1-7

1.    1. Who is Caesar at this time?
    2. Look up on the internet which years Caesar Augustus was ruler of Rome.               
  3. What did Caesar decree should be done?
  4. What city did Joseph live in?
  5. To which city did Joseph go to be registered?
    6. Find Nazareth and Bethlehem on a map.
   7. Whose lineage was Joseph part of?
   8. Who was going to be registered with Joseph?
   9. What happened when “her days were completed”?
  10. Where did she put the baby?
  11. Why were they staying in a barn/stable?


Sharing is caring!

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