The Good News

The Good News – Lesson Seven

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Location: Jerusalem

For the Passover


Lesson Seven

Jesus’ Youth

Luke 2:41-52
1.  Read Deuteronomy 16:1.  What was the name of the month the children of Israel were commanded to observe and keep the Passover?
2.  Read Deuteronomy 16:16 – How many times each year were the men of Israelto appear before the Lord?       What were the names of the feasts they were suppose to observe?
3.  What did Jesus’ parents do every year?
4.  How old was Jesus when his family went to Jerusalem?
5.  What did the Boy Jesus do after they had “finished the days”?
6.  What did Joseph and Jesus’ mother not know?
7.  How far did Jesus’ parents go before they started looking for Him?
8.  Where did they think He was?
9.  Where did Jesus’ parents return to when they could not find Him?
10. Where did they Find Jesus?
11. How long did they look for Jesus before they found Him?
12. Where was Jesus sitting when His parents found Him?
13. What was Jesus doing when His parents found Him?
14. All who heard Jesus were astonished at what?
15. When Jesus’ parents saw Him, what was their reaction?
16. What question did Jesus’ mother ask Him?
17. What had Jesus done to them?
18. When Jesus said, “…I must be about my Father’s business…” was He talking about Joseph being His father?
    If not, who was He calling His Father?
19. Did Jesus’ parents understand what He was saying?
20. When Jesus and His parents returned to Nazareth, how did Jesus act toward His parents?
21. In what four ways did Jesus increase as He grew up?

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