The Good News

The Good News – Lesson Seventeen

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Location: Galilee

Lesson Seventeen
Jesus Teaches Publicly

Mt. 4:17; Mk. 1:14-15; Lk. 4:14-15; Jn. 4:43-45
1. As a review, what happened in “Jerusalem at the feast” that the Galileans had heard? (Jn. 4:45)
2. Jesus is fulfilling a prophecy, or proving an adage, by going into Galilee.  What is the saying? (Jn. 4:44)
3. Did people know who Jesus was at this time? (Lk. 4:14; Jn. 4:45)
4. What was the good news (“gospel”) Jesus began to preach? (Mt.4:17; Mk.4:15)
Jesus heals a Nobleman’s son
John 4:46-54
5. Jesus went back to ____________ of ___________. (verse 46)
6. Where did the nobleman live who had a son who was sick? (verse 46)
7. Why did this man go find Jesus? (Verse 47)
8. What do you think Jesus meant in verse 48?
9. Was the nobleman determined that Jesus could help his son?
 10. Write the rest of the story in your own words.

Location: Nazareth

Jesus is rejected at Nazareth
Luke 4:16-30
11. What town did Jesus go to now? (verse 16)
12. What does “as His custom was” mean? (verse 16)
13. What does this tell you about Jesus and worshipping God?
14. What book was Jesus given to read? (Verse 17)
15. Use a concordance to find the passage in the Old Testament.
16. Everyone was looking at Jesus when He finished reading.  What did He begin to say to them? (verse 21)
17. The people marveled at His words and said what about Him? (verse 22)
18. Read verses 24-27.  What is Jesus telling the people in the synagogue?
19. Where is Sidon?  Where is Syria?
20. Were the widow and Naaman Israelites?
21. How did the people react to what Jesus said? (verses 28-29)
22. Did Jesus get away? (verse 30)

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