The Good News

The Good News – Lesson Six

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Location: Jerusalem, Egypt,

Lesson Six
Jesus’ Childhood
Read: Matthew 2:1-23 and Luke 2:22-40
Luke 2:22-38 Jesus’ Presentation at Temple

1. Read Leviticus 12:1-4.  How many days were there until Jesus was brought to Jerusalemto be presented at the Temple? 
2. True or False.  This showed Joseph and Mary wanted to obey God.
3. What was Simeon waiting for? 
4. Did Simeon know he would see the Christ before he died?       If so, how? 
5. What did Simeon say his eyes had seen in verse 30? 
6. Who was this salvation to bring light to? 
7. How did Joseph and Mary react to these comments? 
8. What did Simeon say this child was destined to do? 
9. Who was Anna? 
   How long was she married? 
   How long was she widowed? 

10. Did she share the news of the baby with others? 
Matthew 2:1-15 Visit from Wise men
1. Who came looking for the “King of the Jews”? 
2. How did Herod the king react to this? 
3. From Lesson Two, what title did you learn Romehad given to Herod? 
4. What did the prophecy say about the king of the Jews in verse 6? 
5. Did Herod talk to the wise men?
6. What did Herod as the wise men to do? 
7. What led the wise men to Jesus? 
8. What did the wise men do when they saw the child? 
9. What gifts did they give? 
10. Did the wise men go back to Herod?      Why, or why not? 
11. Who appeared to Joseph in a dream after the wise men left? 
12. What did the angel say? 
13. How long did they stay in Egypt? 
14. Did this fulfill another prophecy? 
Matthew 2:16-21

1. What did Herod do when the wise men didn’t come to see him? 
2. Did this fulfill prophecy? 
3. When did Joseph have another dream? 
1. In another dream, on the way to Israel, what did God warn Joseph to do? 
2. TRUE or FALSE. Joseph and Mary had only done some of what the Lord commanded. 
3. What city did they live in? 
4. Fill in the blanks.
    “And the ________grew and became _______ ____
__________, filled with ________; and the ______
____ ______ is upon Him.”  Luke 2:40
5. See Numbers 6:14-17; Judges 13:7 and Matthew 2:23.  Do you see anything similar between the law of the Nazarite, the announcement of Samson and what he will be, and Jesus and the things about His birth? 

Things to think about:
The Bible does NOT say Three Kings visited Jesus.  Matthew 2:1 simply says “magi” – and these are just wise men or sorcerers such as would be from Babylon or Persia.
Also, the Bible does NOT say that these men visited Jesus at the manger. They found him, now a child not an infant, in a house (Mt. 2:9-11).

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Angela Legg

I added the Things to think about section to this lesson. I thought it was necessary to deliberately make the connection to the things readily accepted in our culture around Christmas time.