The Good News

The Good News – Lesson Sixteen

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Location: Galilee

Lesson Sixteen

Jesus goes to Galilee
John the Baptist put into prison

Mt. 4:12; 11:2-19; 14:3-5, 9
Mk. 1:14; 6:14-29
Lk. 3:19-20; 4:14; 7:18-35; 9:7-9
Jn. 4:1-3

Read Matthew 11:2-19 and Luke 7:18-35

1.   Where is John the Baptist? (Mt.11:2)

2.   What have his disciples told him? (Mt.11:2; Lk.7:18)

3.   What did he send his disciples to find out from Jesus?  (Mt.11:3; Lk.7:19-20)

4.   What did Jesus tell these disciples to go tell John? (Mt.11:4-5; Lk.7:21-22)

5.   What did Jesus tell the people about John the Baptist? (Mt.11:10; Lk.7:27)

6.   Read Malachi 3:1.  Is this a prophecy that Jesus refers to about John?

7.   When did Jesus leave for Galilee? (Mt.4:12; Mk.1:14)

8.   At this time, what had the Pharisees heard about Jesus? (Jn.4:1-3)

9.   What did Jesus preach in Galilee? (Mk.1:14)

10. How did Jesus return to Galilee according to

11. Why did Herod want to put John in prison?
    (Lk. 3:19-20; Mt. 14:2-4; Mk. 6:17-18)

12. Write the story of how John the Baptist was
 killed. (Mt. 14:5-11; Mk. 6:19-28)

13. How did Herod feel about John? (Mt. 14:5, 9; Mk. 6:20)

14.What did Herod think when he heard of Jesus and His work?  (Mt. 14:2; Mk. 6:14-16; Lk. 9:7-9)

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