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To Be a Handmaid of the Lord – Lesson 14 – Lessons from Hannah and Three Wives of King David

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Lesson 14 from To Be a Handmaid of the Lord

Hannah & Three Wives of King David

In this lesson we focus on four women – Hannah and then three wives of King David: Michal, Bathsheba, and Abigail. 
All four of these women are examples of women in difficult relationships. The first problem for all is that they were part of a polygamous marriage. This added extra personalities and drama that each woman had to deal with in one way or another, I’m sure. We see it mainly in Hannah. Despite the abuses from Peninnah, Hannah did not retaliate. Her behavior is different from that of Rachel and Leah! She shows that faith will get you through, and that you never give up talking to God about your hurts.
Michal and Bathsheba show what can happen when your life is connected with someone who does not have your best interest at heart. You can learn to be aware of the signs that someone is looking out for their own interests only rather than trying to protect you.
Abigail shows courage under fire, submission to a hard man, and quick thinking! Notice that the FIRST thing mentioned about her is that she is INTELLIGENT. She does not make excuses for Nabal. She does not wail and cry at David to get him to reconsider. She takes care of what David has a right to expect from any of his people, and reminds him that he has a greater moment than this one indignation from Nabal coming when he becomes king. David so recognized her exceptional qualities that he wanted her to be his wife after Nabal died.
So let’s study these women: learn to be diligent like Hannah and learn the wisdom that can give you grace in difficult circumstances like Abigail. Learn from Michal and Bathsheba’s unfortunate situations and avoid the same.
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Hannah & Three Wives of King David

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