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To Be a Handmaid of the Lord – Lesson 15 – Friendship

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Lesson 15 from To Be a Handmaid of the Lord



Friendship is a blessing from the Lord. Sometimes though it can be hard to gain and maintain those friendships.

As we will see from the multitude of verses on the subject, God approves of friendship! He doesn’t expect you to walk through this life all alone, with no one else. He created you and knows your needs. 

Just as Adam couldn’t find a companion suitable among the animals, we too need other humans to balance out our lives.

As always, God is thorough though. We need to be CAREFUL of who we have as our friends.  Not just casual acquaintances that you might have coffee with on occasion; the friends who you take into your confidence, who are as your own “soul” as Jonathan and David were to one another.  These people WILL influence you – it’s not a matter of maybe they will, they WILL influence you. HOW they influence you is up to what you allow into your life. We’re back to CHOICES. 

Realize that friendship is worth the work that you put into it. You MUST put something into it yourself, or it’s not a true friendship. Anything worth having is worth fighting for AND waiting for. 

Be God’s friend FIRST, as Abraham and Moses were, then make your friends from the people around you who also friends of God.  Always being on guard to protect your soul and to be ready to protect theirs if need be.


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