Serving Others
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To Be a Handmaid of the Lord – Lesson 16 – Serving Others

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Serving Others

Lesson 16 from To Be a Handmaid of the Lord


Serving Others


Have you ever noticed that everything in your life is NOT all about you AND all about you?  I know that sounds contradictory. Consider though, that we have been created so that we might bring glory to God (Eccl. 12:13; 1 Peter 4:16).  It is often said that the Bible is the story of Jesus: Jesus is coming, Jesus is here, Jesus is coming again.  So, it’s really all about Him.  BUT – it’s also all about HOW YOU RESPOND TO HIM.  So, it’s not all about what you want, like, or need.  It’s about you doing what God wants, likes, and needs.  You are a part of it when you put on Christ in baptism (Gal. 3:27).  

The lesson included here is meant to help you see the value you bring when you serve others. 

You were not put on this Earth to be done for, but rather to learn to do for others (James 1:27).  As we’ve seen, this is how people KNOW you BELONG to Christ!  So you may ask, “what about me, what can I do?”  What can you do?  Are there not people around you who could use your help?  Start at home, being a helper.  Most likely your mother has been training you to do this already.  Take it to heart, thank her for making the way easier for you, and start to WORK with a THANKFUL HEART that you have a way to SERVE!  There are many ways you can do for others, not the least of which is to PRAY for them (James 5:16).  As you go through your week, think about ways you might be able to help others. 


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Serving Others




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Judith Coblentz

I love this!! I’m a teen girl and I know how important it is to be unselfish , especially for singles. I’m trying to learn that now. Jesus was a servant , and so should we be . Thanx for sharing! God bless❤️