Anna Mary and Martha
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To Be a Handmaid of the Lord – Lesson 20 – Lessons from Anna; Mary and Martha

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Anna Mary and Martha

Lesson 20

Lessons from Anna; Mary and Martha

Anna; Mary and Martha. We hear a lot about the latter, but Anna is not taught as much. After all, she only exists in three verses in Luke’s account of the life of Christ. But – WOW – what we learn about her in those three verses!
Young people need FOCUS to keep their lives on track. Older people do as well, but the implication is that if you have done these things when you are young, then they are more likely to be an ingrained HABIT and part of LIFE when you are older.  Anna is an example of a VERY DEDICATED woman.  Strive to be this DEDICATED in whatever manner you SERVE the Lord and others.
Martha and Mary were BUSY!  Martha and Mary befriended Jesus when He had nowhere to call home. Martha could get distracted with the work around the house. Mary could be distracted by her grief so as not to notice the absence of her sister. Both of these women show a deep belief in Jesus and WHO He is. Both of these women show an eagerness to serve. Each woman has her talents. They each did what they could when they could. They weren’t the SAME, but they both SERVED.

Join me in studying more about these women. We can each try to be more like Anna, Mary, and Martha. We can each dedicate ourselves to God with our own abilities at the stage of life that we are in NOW. We don’t have to wait until we are of “great age” to know what we can do for the Lord and for others. We need to be thankful for the abilities that others bring to the table, and grateful for the opportunity to share our own.


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