The Company That You Keep
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To Be a Handmaid of the Lord – Lesson 9 – The Company that You Keep

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The Company That You Keep

Lesson 9

The Company that You Keep

How much are you influenced by the company that you keep? If you are a soldier in battle, does the soldier next to you matter? Should he be on your side? Believe what you believe? Be willing to die for the cause instead of using you to protect himself? It’s about what you have in common, and God’s word is full of teaching that shows us to choose like-minded people for our friends and closest relationships.
We are in a BATTLE against the vices of Satan and we need help to be STRONG: help from God, help from the Word, and help from others who are going the same way we are going (Matthew 7:13-14).
Choose carefully who you will serve (Joshua 24:15) AND those who you will serve with!

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I wonder if there might be another way of asking about the relationships between the spiritual qualities and the armor? The “Why do you think or what do you think” questions cannot have a wrong answer. It will always be what they think even if it is not correct.