All Things Are Possible
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To Be a Handmaid to the Lord – Lesson 18 – All Things are Possible

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All Things Are Possible

All Things Are Possible

Real life situation: Someone comes and says “I’ve got a job for you.”  Possible responses: “Who am I that you’d ask me to do something that important?” “What if they don’t believe me that my orders are from the boss?” “What if the others won’t listen to me?” “I’m really not very good at that kind of thing.” “Can’t you just send someone else?”  (If you didn’t recognize it, this is how Moses responded to God choosing him to lead Israel out of Egypt in Exodus chapter 3 and 4.)
Are you ever like this?  Do you question your ability to do something?  How do you respond to new challenges?
What about your dreams?  Do you believe they won’t come to be for one reason or another?  Do you hope one kind of life for yourself, but expect quite another?
How do you see yourself right NOW?  How much do you think you bring to the table of “just getting through” in this life?
When we talked about serving others we discussed not thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought (Romans 12:3).  Humility is a difficult thing to hold on to.  The “than you ought” part means there is a level at which you should think of yourself – you just shouldn’t exceed it!  We began this study learning just how much God values us.  We need to remember that!  When you begin to feel down on yourself because things aren’t going the way they should be (or the way you think they should be) – remember that God loves you, holds you up, and will make a way (John 16:27; Psalm 63:8; 1 Cor. 10:13).
He is POWERFUL!  He can do all things.  He’s promised His help to us.  So we should feel empowered to move mountains BY HIS WILL.  Recognize your gifts – what you are able to do.  Not everyone can do all things well.  We’re not meant to!  We’re meant to do OUR part, so others can do theirs without needing to fill a gap we’ve left open. 
Don’t be like Moses, making excuses and trying to get out of God’s work for Him.  Instead, be like Moses, who went forward with God’s help and saved a nation!  Don’t reduce God’s creation of you to something worthless by saying you have no part to play.  Rather, hold your head high as a child of God, confident that He is standing right beside you, and step into the role that is waiting for you.  Imitate Paul and say that whatever comes, you can “do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Download this lesson and study for yourself so you can have the confidence of God’s grace and mercy as you go through each day.


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