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Update on Petrochemical Weight Loss Protocol – Week Three Results

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Week Three Results


The Petrochemical Protocol Trial

 Week Three Results

Here are my week three results after using the Petrochemical Protocol.

On March 17th I began the Petrochemical Weight Loss Protocol.  This protocol for removing petrochemicals from the body includes the use of Ledum essential oil (or JuvaCleanse essential oil blend) and Citrus Fresh essential oil. You apply the oils topically to target areas in the morning and the evening every day for three weeks. On April 6th I finished Week Three.  


These were my results as of three weeks of the protocol: 

I’ve lost a total of 8 1/2 inches!

  • 1″ from my neck
  • 2 1/2″ from my thighs
  • 2″ from my belly
  • 3″ total from my arms  

I could go buy new jeans, but I’m not doing that until I have to.  My goal is to need to buy a new set of jeans after the next three weeks.

I am going to do another three weeks of the protocol.  I am able to use the Ledum that I already had purchased in the beginning. So I only needed three more bottles of Citrus Fresh. Having those on hand, I will target different zones this time.  The first trial I only applied the oils to my hips and belly area.  I lost inches in places that didn’t get any of the oils!  This time I will focus on arms and thighs.  I’m curious to see what will happen the second time around.

Was it worth it?

I am very happy with the results from using the protocol. The energy benefits plus better fitting clothes are a win-win for me. I was not looking for this to be my complete weight loss program, because that is not what it is intended to be.  It was a means to help my body to get rid of toxins that it has been holding onto for years.  As I make adjustments in my diet and activities, my body will be better equipped to utilize food in the way it was meant.  


You can read about the Petrochemical Protocol by going to my first post. If you are interested in trying the protocol yourself, I can help! Go to Essential Oils 101 to sign up to be a Member of Young Living and get your oils on their way to you ASAP!


I would love to have you on my team.  I offer support, education, and if you are on Facebook – access to hundreds of others who are also using these oils.  We all enjoy sharing how we use the oils as well as helping others to find ways to use them.  It is truly a unique environment.  Message me if you have questions – [email protected]


You can also research at  Go there and search the petrochemical weight loss oils – see what benefits others have found by using them.




PS You can read of the results after Week One of the Protocol here.

PSS You can read the original post about the Petrochemical Protocol Trial here.


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