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What is your ONE WORD for 2016?

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What is Your ONE WORD for 2016?

What do you want for 2016?

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Do you want to be more SUCCESSFUL?  Success comes in many categories, not just money and career.  More success in relationships.  Successful in being more spiritual.  


Do you want to have more FREEDOM?  Freedom from long work hours?  Freedom from stress and worry over money?  Freedom from too many activities pulling you in every direction?  


For my ONE WORD, I have chosen GROW.  GROW encompasses ALL of the above words and more.  

I want to GROW in my spiritual life.  I feel as though I was stagnant last year.  I did not go backwards, but neither did I step out and do more for Lord.  

I want to GROW in my personal life.  I want to be more connected with those whom I care about.  I want to spend better quality time with my girls while they are here at home. I want to reach out more to others.  I want to, above all, be the best wife I can be to the sweet man who works so hard to provide and care for me and our family.  I want to show him every day that he is loved and appreciated.

I want to GROW in my skills to bring more money into our family.  I want to help us to be able to help others more.  We want to give regular support to preachers in the Philippines.  We want to give regular support to the Young Living Foundation.  My intention is to GROW in my skills of managing our personal finances and increasing our business finances to make these dreams come true.


I spent last year just being.  That’s it.  There were times when I had enough energy to get done what I needed to and what I wanted.  There were not many of those times though.  The catch-22 to removing Lyme disease from my body is all of the side effects from the process.  Do not get me wrong – I am thankful for my journey because mine is so much easier than most when they are finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease.  It still gets emotionally wearing though.  The thing I hate the most is that I LET it wear on me more that I should have.  I gave in and gave up to the tiredness, pain, and aggravation.  In 2016, I want to be in CONTROL more than the disease is.  Yes, I am going to hurt.  Yes, I am going to be tired.  Yes, I am going to inconvenienced by the timing of symptoms flaring.  BUT I am not going to give up before it happens.  I am going to GROW in my knowledge of how to help my body fight against this invader and REMOVE it.  I am going to remain positive.  I am going to be a better example to my children.  


So, I ask you again, what is YOUR one word for 2016?




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