Finding a woman who will teach like older woman in Titus 2 may be hard. Women of Action was written
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Women of Action: A Bible Study Review

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 Finding a woman who will teach like older woman in Titus 2 may be hard. Women of Action was written


Women of Action: A Bible Study Review


Titus 2:3-5 speaks of the older woman teaching the younger woman how best to fulfill her God-given role.

Sometimes, unfortunately, it can be hard to find a woman who will do that teaching.

This book is one woman’s effort to fill that void.

Tassie Helene Smith at has written a book called “Women of Action”. It is all about applying the principals of scripture in a practical way.

Topics that cover from being a doer of God’s word to showing hospitality and spreading the gospel help the reader to see how God’s word can shape their lives. She splits each lesson into two parts – one that establishes the foundation of what is being taught and another that gives practical application to that foundation.

Be prepared – this study is a vigorous one. As a group, finishing one lesson per week is unlikely. Each person will need to devote a couple of hours a week to complete the lesson.

I can see this being used in a work-study fashion – taking one lesson then devoting a couple of weeks to it: one to study the lesson and another to practice the principles given. A group could be accountable to each other in the progress.

Part of walking a diligent life is seeing how you can take each step of your day – where you can extend effort that will be pleasing to God, even in the simplest of acts. This book encourages you to see the opportunities where they already are and to go find the ones that haven’t found you just yet.

If you are looking for a book to challenge you but to also encourage you to DO MORE, then you’re gonna love this one.

You can check out the first chapter by CLICKING HERE – The Word of God: A Fool or a Doer


Finding a woman who will teach like older woman in Titus 2 may be hard. Women of Action was written


So, where can you get this Bible study?

I just happen to have some links for you!

Give a Gift, Get a Gift 

Give a Gift, Get a Gift is Tassie’s special offer when you purchase Women of Action as a gift for someone else. You buy the book for a friend, and you will get a free gift too! Win-win!

Give Women of Action as a gift and receive a FREE copy of the Christmas Meditations e-book she has created. 

This 140 page, 13 chapter, study guide that will teach you lessons that will change your life and help you to change the lives of others is available for $12.99. So, for less than $13 you get a great study as well some awesome freebies.

Jump over to her site and get your book today or click the link below to order it now.

If you would like to go straight to purchase the book, you can do so by clicking here BUY Women of Action





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