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Worship As It Is Meant to Be

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Worship As It Is Meant to Be


Let’s talk about Worship as it is meant to be.

There are two real trends in Worship it seems lately.

  1. People are not finding what they are looking for. They are coming away less than inspired.
  2. Worship services are becoming an “event” to be attended.

Through a conversation about the second trend mentioned above, Lisa Yvonne of Graceful Abandon invited me to write a post on what should truly draw us to worship the Lord.

You can find that post over on her site by clicking here – https://www.gracefulabandon.com/trust-the-power-of-the-gospel/.

This is the first post in a series about Diligent Worship. Join the conversation by following the link above. Then check back for the new posts over the coming weeks.







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