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Scripture Writing Plan – Theme: Jesus Christ, Yesterday, Today, & Forever

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This month’s scripture writing theme is about Jesus Christ: Yesterday, Today, & Forever.

Jesus Christ: Yesterday, today, and forever is a pretty broad scope for a scripture writing topic. He is God. He is everywhere. Hopefully, this scripture writing will bring it in a little tighter.

For the next 31 days, our writing is going to focus on scriptures that teach about those different “times” of Jesus’ “existence”. Like I said, He’s God. He’s not bound by time like we are – however – scripture does show Him at work in different ways in different times. So we are going to explore that. 

The 31 days breaks down like this:

  • 5 days writing about Jesus “yesterday”.  So the focus will be on His part in Creation.
  • 15 days writing about Jesus “today”. These verses focus on the work He did on Earth. It applies to “today” because it applies to every person in their present state. What He did for us by coming to the Earth to live and die for our sins – that is our “today”. That’s the time of impact. For the people in the 1st century, that was their “today”. The time of impact for us is right now.
  • Finally, 11 days writing about Jesus “tomorrow”. These verses actually cover Jesus’ present time, because they deal with His being in Heaven now, at the right hand of God. As with our “today” verses, the “tomorrow” part really deals more with how we, as humans, process time. Time really doesn’t mean anything to God (2 Peter 3:8).

What are we writing on our hearts?

So as we do scripture writing about Jesus Christ we are writing on our hearts the FACT that Jesus was in the beginning, here on Earth, and now is in Heaven reigning. That’s a pretty powerful concept!

That concept is one that I believe gets a little lost when we focus on one aspect or another of His physical time on Earth. In our efforts to sympathize with the pains He went through on our behalf, we focus on the beatings, being abandoned by His friends, and the injustice of it all. Which are all absolutely true. BUT – they have an earthly focus.

Jesus is BIGGER than all of those things. Those things were, quite literally, a blip on the radar of His existence. But the HEART behind those events; the love of GOD that moved those happenings – THAT is the focus.

Who Jesus is, Why He did the things He did – in Creation, coming to this earth, ascending to heaven again – and What it means for all of us (see the Salvation scripture writing we did earlier this year) is what we need to write on our hearts. The facts, dates, and events all point to something bigger. For 31 days, we are going back to the beginning and focusing on the bigger aspect.

Are you ready to get started?

So, for the next 31 days, spend each day learning from scripture about Jesus Christ: Yesterday, Today & Forever. You will be enriched by the end, I am confident. 

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I’d love to get those free printable Scripture cards!! I just signed up to receive them by email! Thanks so much for offering so many things free to your readers to help up on our walk with Christ, it really means so much, and I so appreciate it! Thank you❤❤❤ Also I’m running behind and just finished the December Scripture journaling Jesus Christ – Yesterday, Today and Forever. The entry for December 31st I couldn’t find in my NKJV Bible & was wondering if maybe it’s a typo?


Helo can you please send me the copy of the corrected plan and the printable plan cards. I have tried to send a request for the cards.. Thanks nikki

Amanda Hartrich

I love the idea of writing scripture out . . . and the way you present Jesus as yesterday, today and tomorrow is wonderful! Downloaded and going to take a look! Thank you

Vicki L Mowery

Yes I have had a rough year. I lost my husband on July 7th of this year. My faith is what keeps me going