31 Days of Women from Scripture
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31 Days of Women from Scripture Series

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31 Days of Women from Scripture

31 Days of Women from Scripture

Diligence in writing for this blog is something I strive for and fail at daily. I always have much I want to say, but the brain fog has gotten in the way of my ability to do so with confidence.

Well – I am determined to out do the brain fog and have a new post every day in October. Yes the Daily Bible Readings will continue. Yes the #ProverbsEveryDay will continue. This will be in addition to that.

Why 31 Days of Women from Scripture? I wrote my book To Be a Handmaid of the Lord in 2013 because I wanted the young girls in my life, especially our five daughters, to be confident in their own skin. I wanted them to KNOW God had made each of them special. They did not need to try and change who they were to be like another girl they thought was doing things better. God gave them their beautiful eyes, hair, and shape. I did not want them to seek happiness in changing what was their own nature. Ugly behavior, yes let’s change that, but who you are and the way you think, let’s leave that alone.

I want to continue to encourage women of every age to see how God lifts women up and has provided for the needs He KNOWS they have. 

My prayer is that this series will be encouraging to you and that it will help me to find my voice once again.

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This challenge comes via https://write31days.com/ – check out the other bloggers who are also taking this challenge. See who else has something inspirational and beneficial to share with you that you can also share with others.

The print form of this study is available NOW on Amazon! Click the image below or follow this link — 31 Days of Women from Scripture Volume 1

You can also purchase the companion journal for keeping your notes from the study! Follow this link — 31 Days of Women from Scripture Volume 1 Companion Journal

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Click here to go to Day One: Lessons from Eve

Day Two: Lessons from Sarah

Day Three: Lessons from Rebekah

Day Four: Rachel

Day Five: Lessons from Leah

Day Six: Lessons from Jochebed

Day Seven: Lessons from Miriam

Day Eight: Lessons from Rahab

Day Nine: Lessons from Deborah

Day Ten: Lessons from Ruth

Day Eleven: Lessons from Vashti

Day Twelve: Lessons from Esther

Day Thirteen: Lessons from Jezebel & Athaliah

Day Fourteen: Lessons from Hannah

Day Fifteen: Lessons from Michal

Day Sixteen: Lessons from Bathsheba

Day Seventeen: Lessons from Abigail

Day Eighteen: Lessons from Dinah, Tamar, and Tamar the daughter of David

Day Nineteen: Lessons from Elizabeth

Day Twenty: Lessons from Mary the mother of Jesus

Day Twenty-One: Lessons from Anna

Day Twenty-Two: Lessons from Mary the sister of Lazarus

Day Twenty-three: Lessons from Martha the sister of Lazarus

Day Twenty-Four: Lessons from Eunice and Lois

Day Twenty-Five: Lessons from Euodia & Syntyche

Day Twenty-Six: Lessons from Sapphira

Day Twenty-Seven: Lessons from Priscilla

Day Twenty-Eight: Lessons from Lydia

Day Twenty-Nine: Lessons from the Woman in Proverbs 31

Day Thirty: Lessons from the Widow in 1 Timothy 5

Day Thirty-One: Lessons from the Shulamite

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Nicki Schroeder

Daily proverbs, bible readings AND women of the Bible. Wow, you are an overachiever! 🙂 Love your enthusiasm to encourage women on their faith journey!

Katendi Fwalanga

God bless you, thank you.

Hephzibah Garden

Praise the Lord. More women need to go through these interesting articles and be blessed in their lives. God bless your ministry!

Love and regards,