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Scripture Writing Plan – Scriptures about Parents & Children

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Scripture Writing Plan – Parents & Children

In January our Scripture Writing wrote scripture about DILIGENCE and in February we wrote scriptures about LOVE. In March we wrote scripture about WISDOM: The source of Wisdom and how we get it. Now we are writing scriptures about PARENTS & CHILDREN.

The Bible has a lot to say about the parent-child relationship. So much of what is taught is from the perspective of God being OUR Father and we being HIS children. It doesn’t matter how old your children are – the Bible is FULL of Scriptures that will help you to have a good relationship with them while doing what is in their best behavior.

The world doesn’t hold these answers. God does. Check out the scriptures on this plan and see what God has to teach you about Parents & Children.

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Using the Bible as a Textbook for Parents Episode 1.7 from The Diligent Woman Podcast

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