Honey Shampoo Experiment
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Honey Shampoo Experiment

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Honey Shampoo Experiment

I was looking for EASY homemade shampoos. 

I started at a post on Empowered Sustenance which informed me about the Honey Poo transition period (as well as the “No Poo” problem) and gave a simple recipe. Who knew there would be a “transition period”? Not me! Come to find out, your hair kind of freaks out when you change what you put on it. But it is OK, it will come around to your way of thinking!

I then found a lovely recipe sounding recipe for orange and vanilla honey shampoo over on Birgit’s Daily Bytes. I did not have all of the ingredients, specifically castile soap (was not even sure I knew what that was, at the time). If I was going to go the DIY route for shampoo, lather was not a big deal, so I moved on.

I remembered my Pinterest account and searched there for recipes for honey shampoo – there WERE TONS. That is where I found this recipe. Unfortunately, the site where it came from is no longer active, so I cannot give you a link to it. There was no explanation, just a recipe for which I had the ingredients. Yea!

So. I made up this:

Honey Shampoo Recipe

1/4 cup Raw honey

3/4 cup filtered water

1 Tbsp Baking Soda

(I added 2 drops of Lavender and 2 drops of Tea Tree oil to mine because these are beneficial to the scalp and hair, but it wasn’t enough to change the way the honey affected my hair.)

The ingredients were mixed together well and put it into an applicator bottle like this from a local beauty supply store. I then followed the suggestions given on the Empowered Sustenance post for how to apply the shampoo.

It’s pretty simple. I just got my hair wet and applied the shampoo to my scalp. I even flipped my head over so I could apply from the underside of my hair as well. Focus was on the scalp and roots. I did NOT spread it all over my hair. The recipe is enough for at least FOUR uses for washing my hair. I allowed it to sit on my scalp for a couple minutes, used a comb to work it completely over my head, and then rinsed.

I followed it up with the apple cider vinegar rinse mentioned on another page from Empowered Sustenance.


Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Recipe

1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

1/4 cup filtered water

This I also mixed together and put into the same type of bottle. Again I just applied it all over my scalp, then rinsed it out.

I had my doubts. I have A LOT of hair. It is thick, naturally curly, and very coarse. I didn’t think there was any way this would make my hair soft and manageable. I was afraid I would walk around smelling like Apple Cider Vinegar. Well, that day my hair was soft and manageable and did not smell like vinegar (even when closely sniffed by my man). Today is two days later, and it is still soft, manageable, AND curly despite the dry air we have right now. There is no oiliness or dryness. So far, I’m impressed. I wonder what will happen after repeated usage?  The vinegar rinse will only be used once a week. The shampoo I plan on using at least this first batch and one more, to see how it goes. Maybe, I will make some for my teenagers to use as well and see how it works for them.

If you are interested in trying homemade shampoo to go “natural”, to change up your hair care routine or just to save some money, I definitely can recommend this recipe.


Update November 2016: We have used this recipe repeatedly over the last two years. I did make some up for our teenage daughters to use. One of them loved it, saying it made her hair feel wonderful. The other hated it, she didn’t like it not feeling clean. The whole homemade products thing is really personal because everyone is different.

Because we were having a terrible time with her curly hair getting knotted – not just tangled, knotted – I also used the honey shampoo on our six year old. A couple of washings with this made a big difference.

The only reason we are not all using it right now, is because I forget to make up a new batch when it runs out! We still love the Honey Shampoo around here. As they say in the commercials, “Kid-tested, Mother-approved”.


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