The Good News

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman (the woman by the well): The Good News: Lesson 15

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Location: Sychar

In Samaria

The Good News

Lesson Fifteen

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

John 4:4-42

1.   To get to Galilee, where did Jesus need to go through? (John 4:3-4)
2.   What city in Samaria did He stop in? (John 4:5)
3.   What does John 4:5-6 tell us about this city’s location?
4.   Why did Jesus stop here and what time was it when He stopped? (John 4:6)
5.   In verse 7 what did Jesus ask the woman to do?
6.   Why was the woman surprised that Jesus spoke to her? (verse 9)
7.   Jesus said He would have given her ____________ _________________. (verse 10)
8.   Why was the woman confused by Jesus’ offer of living water? (2 things – verses 11-12)
9.   What was the difference between Jesus’ water and the water in Jacob’s well? (verses 13-14)
10.What did Jesus know about this woman? (verses 16 & 18)
11.The woman mentions that she was taught something differently than the Jews – what was it? (verse 19-20)
12.What does Jesus tell her in verse 21?
13.According to verse 23, true worshipers will do what?
14.Write verse 24 here.
15.The woman said she knew of the Messiah who was coming – what did Jesus tell her? (verses 25-26)
16.Read verses 28-30.  What did the woman do?
17.The disciples try to get Jesus to eat but He said He had food they didn’t know about. What is this food? (verse 31-34)
18.What happened after the woman shared her story? (verses 39-42)
19.What is important in verse 42?


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