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How to Use Quizzes to Build Your Business

I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Quizzes as Business Building Tools


I did not know when I started this blog that I would be turning it into a business. I didn’t really know you could blog as a business! I’ve learned a lot since 2012 and am still learning.

One of the things that I have had to learn was about the tools to build the business side of the blog. I have had to learn that there are other ways to reach out to people besides just writing a blog post.

My Experience with Internet Quizzes

Have you ever taken those quizzes that come up in your Facebook feed? “92% of people cannot answer these questions”, “Can we guess what level of school you completed?”, “How much do you know about the Harry Potter series” – stuff like that. I’m a sucker for them. It’s just fun to see what questions they ask. I often thought what purpose they served for those who offered them.

Some of them asked for my email list in order for me to get the results, so that was obviously a lead magnet. Others were just the quiz and they offered the results immediately. I was curious what businesses made use of them. I did not think that blogging or my niche in blogging would be a fit for something like that though. So, I left it there and didn’t think about it again.

An Opportunity Presented Itself

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try a product from Interact, as a means to expand my reach to others, especially on social media. Interact is a company that offers you a platform to create quizzes, giveaways, and polls for getting your message out to your audience.

At first I hesitated. I could absolutely see the value in having an interactive means to draw people to the blog. I just was not sure how it would work with my site. Even so, I responded to the invite. I was able to discuss my concerns with Josh, and he was very helpful. After considering his suggestions, I decided to give it a try.


Trying Something New

At this point, I was on board, but concerned about the technical aspects. I was VERY pleased to find out that Interact has made the process very easy. The app comes filled with templates. They are very easily adapted to your quiz.
How to Use Quizzes to Build Your Business

You can add questions or remove them. Interact even has images you can use if you do not have your own.

The tutorials are simple and clear. The only thing I have to do is write the questions and choose the images. Once the questions are written the end result is determined. You can choose how to apply points and how to share results.

One thing I liked was being able to add extra opt-ins depending upon the results. If the result is option A, send them to this lead magnet and list, but if the result is option B, send them to a different one. This makes a great way to send the right people to different lists you may be building, depending upon their interest and interaction with the quiz. So there is the opportunity to add them to your email list so they can get their results, but also added opportunities to add them to that list, to buy a particular product, or add them to another specified list.

More Options

Interact also allows you to create Giveaways. I have not used this option yet. Through exploring the functions it is going to be as easy to use as the Quizzes.

How to Use Quizzes to Build Your Business

Spreading the Word

Once you have your quiz or giveaway created, Interact has made it super easy to share them with the world.

How to Use Quizzes to Build Your Business

You can embed it in your site (like the quiz at the top of this post), you can share it on social media directly, or use the url to share it anywhere. Adding the Interact app to your WordPress site allows it to populate perfectly with your site.  If you are technology limited, like me, you will find this a very easy app to use.

After it is out there, Interact has easy to read analytics to help you see the effect of your quiz. It breaks down who looked at the quiz, who started the quiz, their progress through the quiz, who opted out of getting the results, and who opted in. It integrates with many existing autoresponders, so the leads are sent straight to your list to receive the drips you have set up there.  I like that it separates tracking after I make adjustments to the quiz so I can compare how it did before and after the adjustment without having to remember the date I made the changes myself.

Is it obvious yet that this is easy to use?


So How Can You Use Interact Quizzes?


Actually, I think there are many options.

  1. Any business that needs leads, can use this service.  If you have something to share and want to bring customers to your business – then you can make use of this. Brick and mortar or cyber business, it doesn’t matter. This is an engaging form of advertising that people love to use.
  2. In addition to list building, I am going to use it for team building. I am building quizzes to engage my team in my home business – for education, so I can learn more about them and their needs and they can learn more about our products. The giveaway option is going to be very handy for engaging with my team as well.
  3. As a home schooling parent, I can see using the quizzes as a way to test the girls’ knowledge about things in a fun way. Interact offers a free plan that allows for unlimited quiz creation, it just will not collect emails. School teachers, Bible class teachers – using a quiz would be a great way to engage a student before class begins.
  4. This could be handy for fundraisers too! Create a quiz about favorite club cookie flavors and send them to a link to purchase their boxes of cookies! What a great way to teach children how to be entrepreneurs!

Are you ready to try Interact?

Interact has made it very easy for you to try this. They have four price points – the lowest one being FREE! Sign up and play with a free quiz. You have absolutely nothing to lose!




How to Use Quizzes to Build Your Business





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