The Good News

The Call of Matthew; Levi’s Feast; Choosing the Twelve – The Good News – Lesson 23

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Location: Galilee
By the seashore

The Good News

Lesson Twenty – Three

The Call of Matthew

Matthew 9:9
Mark 2:13-14
Luke 5:27-28

1. How did Matthew respond to Jesus’ call?

2. Research: Do you think Matthew is related to James? Was Alphaeus a common Roman or Jewish name? See Mark 2:14 and Matthew 10:3. Also look in a Bible Dictionary or Almanac to see if there is any other evidence.

3. Research: Write a paragraph about the office of the Roman Tax Collector, or publican.


Levi’s Feast

Matthew 9:10-17
Mark 2:15-22
Luke 5:29-39

4. Who came to Levi’s feast? (Mt. 9:10; Mk.2:15; Lk. 5:29)

5. What problem did the scribes and Pharisees see? (Mt. 9:11; Mk. 2:16; Lk. 5:30)

6. What did Jesus say to them? (Mt. 9:12; Mk. 2:17; Lk. 5:31)

7. Who did Jesus come to call? (Mt. 9:13; Mk. 2:17; Lk. 5:32)

8. What did John the Baptist’s disciples ask Jesus about? (Mt. 9:14; Mk. 2:18; Lk. 5:33)

9. What was Jesus’ answer? (Mt. 9:15-16; Mk. 2:19-20; Lk. 5:34-35)

10. Retell the parable Jesus uses. (Mt. 9:16-17; Mk. 2:21-22; Lk. 5:36-39)

11. What do you think the parable meant to John’s disciples?



Choosing the Twelve

Matthew 10:2-4
Mark 3:13-19
Luke 6:12-16

12. How long did Jesus pray? (Lk. 6:12)

13. How many special disciples did Jesus set apart? (Mt. 10:2; Mk. 3:14; Lk. 6:13)

14. What did He call them? (Mt. 10:2; Lk. 6:13)

15. Research: Look up the Greek words for “disciple” and “apostle”. Write the definitions here



16. Write Matthew’s list of apostles here. (Mt. 10:2-4)


Write Mark’s list here. (Mk.3:16-19)


Write Luke’s list here. (Lk. 6:14-16)


Note: Notice who is listed FIRST in all three lists, and who is listed LAST.

17. What was Jesus setting these men aside to do? (Mk. 3:14-15)

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